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We offer three main services: Logo Design, Brand Style Design and Brand Book (Guidelines) Design. All services are separately described on our website and you can find more information about them there. Apart of that, you can check our Portfolio to get idea, what to expect from us.

We count more on quality, instead of quantity, but we know that your business needs to go fast. That is the reason, why we’ve put a time frame of 10-15 business days to build the initial design of your logo or brand style. Although, the process can take longer, if there are more edits required.

Our main goal is to deliver the best design work for your company. Somethimes it happens from the first time, but in other cases it takes some changes, until we reach the goal. As we want you to be satisfied, we offer you so many edits, as you want.

We are a small team of designers and can take up to 5 companies per month. So that we don’t dissapoint you, we’ve created an “Apply Now” form, where you can describe your ideas, needs and urgency. After you submit the form, we will discuss your application and write you an email, if we’re capable to get you on board.

Our team works in English, but we will be happy to learn some new words, letters and alphabets. If we can’t translate something to your language, be ready to be asked for help! 🙂

For logo design, we will provide you with a vector file and a rasterized files. For brand style you will get files that are ready for print, and for the brand book – you will get it in format PDF.

A Brand Guidelines is an instruction that explains how your brand presents itself to the world through its logo, font and color palette, and much more. The consistency of it also gives you autonomy for future applications, so to accelerate your work pace.


We will need brand name and other text that you want to incorporate in the design. colors preferences, A reference image or link to retrace logo (if possible). This will ensure a good output align with your vision for the brand.


Sure! We will never share information about your company with third parties. If you have your own NDA, our lawyer will look at it and we will sign it for you, if everything is clear and safe for both parties.

As our services are tailor-made for each customer, we offer a flexible payment methods that mitigate the risk between the parties. We are not able to issue a refund, but we are able to do unlimited edits, until we find the “killer” design for you.

We'll build the identity
of your brand.

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