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The brand book is the keystone of a branding strategy. It contains all the elements that make up your brand, from its founding principles (missionvisionvalues…) to its visual identity (logo, colors, visuals..). Thus, it serves as the document of reference for everything related to the use of your brand.

It is an essential part of any communication strategy. The brand book should state an ensemble of guidelines and best practices regarding the use of your brand on any support. It should reflect the distinctive elements that make your brand original and unique and allow you to create a strong brand personality and speak in a clear, consistent voice.

This harmonisation is crucial: it enhances brand recognition, as well as the trust people place in your brand. This lays the foundations for solid brand awareness and a positive brand image.

Why do you need a Brand Book for your Business?

When creating your brand book, you must keep these 5 objectives in mind to give shape to a strong brand identity.

  1. Explain what your brand is: what is its purpose, how it works, what it represents.
  2. Ensure it is coherent. Be sure to define coherent guidelines for its use on a variety of digital and physical platforms, including: websites, business cards, social media, commercial documents
  3. Coordinate the actions and projects of all the departments working with your brand: commercial, marketing, communication…
  4. Federate people around a common brand culture and a spirit, from long-time collaborators to new hires, as well as applicants (employer brand).
  5. Adopt a unified communication strategy in your relationships with all stakeholders, such as: suppliers, investors, customers, the media…

brand book is the beating heart of your brand identity. It gives definitive guidelines to external people about what your brand stands for, and what it looks like. As marketing supports and communication channels have become extremely diverse in the digital age, it is essential to your company to promote a consistent brand image across its online platforms and physical representations. A powerful identity will make your voice heard!

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